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Introduction to Education Fundamentals


“Education is not the learning of Facts; it is Rather the training of mind to think.”

-Albert Einstein

Education is a dynamic idea and an interesting concept. Because it develops in the mother’s womb and lasts until death, it is a lifelong, and ongoing process. It has had multiple ages and stages during the process of evolution, and at every time it has a particular meaning depending on the circumstances.

It aids in bringing about societal changes, including those that are economic, social, moral, spiritual, scientific, and educational. Education is an effective tool for reforming a society.

According to Aristotle:

“Education is a creation of sound mind in a sound body. It develops man faculty, especially his mind so that he may be able enjoy the contemplation of supreme truth, goodness, and beauty.”

There are five level of education system that are; pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary level, and higher education level. Every level has its importance, but among these early child education means the pre-primary (children age 1to 5) and primary education (children age-6-10) is more important. [1] Because in this level the main aim is to develop balanced personality of child. In these stages children at such ages that their personality developed and grown by guiding them and directing their goals in a right path.

According to a recent Article by Children Academy (August 11,2022):

The purpose or the role or early child education is to give kids the fundamental tools which they need to develop their emotional, social, and intellectual capabilities. These are essential to their goal of developing into active learners. And for that some skills are needed to be focused like; Language and literacy, cognation, Self-control, and Self-confidence. To get these skills, homework is not all the time required. Though a child’s environment and social interactions might help them develop these talents.

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